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“Unanswered Prayers”



This is a look into the process of this painting.
I fist started with a 12 by 24in piece of illustration board, I gessoed the paper several times on both sides.
Next I mounted the paper to a piece of wood with spray adhesive.
Now I draw the entire picture, with a mechanical pencil.
This process takes me at least four night to draw the image.
Next I started to paint my dark under tones with liquid acrylic’s.


These next images show me layering more liquid acrylics over the entire painting.
The painting is super loose at this point, I’m basically just putting down paint so my later layers of oil will stick much better, this allows the oils to be applied much easier.
The process is super ugly and really doesn’t come together till the end of the painting, this can and will be super frustrating at times, I often just wanna start putting in my details right away, but its worth the wait.


Now the fun begins I start laying in my oils slowly trying to cover the entire painting with at least 2 thin layers of paint.
After the oils dry I began to apply more layers of oil the more layers I apply the thicker I lay down the oils. This process takes me several weeks I worked on this step over several weeks at least 4 to 6hrs every night till i was happy with it.



More oils are applied, and the painting begins to take shape.
The painting starts to come together more and more as the nights go on.
I start cleaning everything up. The cleaning up process takes me about another week of 4 to 5 hours.


Now the fun part I get to put all the details in and bring the painting to completion this takes me several weeks because I just kept knit picking.

The hole painting took me around 250hrs.


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